About Us

About Us

Startell is revolutionizing the way that influencers and brands interact. We want to simplify an area that has traditionally been tricky to navigate. From attempts at measuring ROI, to the exhaustive hunts for the perfect influencer/campaign partnerships, influencer marketing is something that can end up being both time-consuming and expensive.

Our years of collective experience within the industry have allowed us to identify many of these key market gaps and develop the technologies to help bridge them. Our user-friendly platform gives clients the tools to create, track and analyze their projects all from one secure place. Want to launch a campaign? We have a database of global influencers at your fingertips. Want to calculate its potential reach? We’ve got you covered. Just upload your idea and budget to startell and let us do the rest. From recording your campaign’s total number of interactions, to tracking which influencers have submitted content and which have not, our goal is to simplify the entire partnership process.

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