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Research and data drive our business. startell’s comprehensive global database allows brands to target influencers with a broad range of interests, ensuring the perfect partnerships for every campaign.

create the ultimate campaign

We are a one-stop-shop, giving brands the ability to create campaigns without ever having to leave our platform. Whether making mood boards, assigning talent, or calculating the potential reach of a project, startell allows brands to create and manage new influencer campaigns with ease.

track your success

Our software allows brands and influencers to track audience engagement and analytics on an hourly basis, making it easier than ever to record the success of a campaign in real time. Calculating your return on investment is made simple with our data.

What is startell?

We are not just a database of names, we’re a full-fledged campaign manager. From assigning talent, to creating mood boards, to measuring ROI, startell allows brands to build their campaigns from the ground-up, while conveniently monitoring everything from one place.

Our platform is changing the way that influencers and brands interact. We know that better partnerships mean better engagement, and our database makes it easy for brands to quickly find like-minded influencers for their newest campaigns. At startell, we’ve got all the tools needed for brands and influencers to achieve mutual success.

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